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Boggs Supply is a family-owned business since 1929, the founder Warren Boggs saw a big opportunity to open a building supply business in Keyser, West Virginia. The original building was only 60 feet long, one-tenth the present length 368 feet. Warren's children Harry, Robert, and Howard always helped their father work at the store after school since they were 10 years old.


After more than 35 years running the business, Warren thought it would be better to let and turned the building supply store into a Home Center, with the help Howard during the late 60s and 70s.his  sons run the store. In 1966, Robert A. Boggs, the middle son, took the leadership


Robert and Howard worked together until 1975 when Robert died unexpectedly and Howard became the president and led the store into the 80s. It was a rough path, the United States were facing a

economical crisis and bigger players started to come to the region, and in 1985 there was a massive flooding of the New Creek, that flows a few feet behind the store. Howard succeed and lead the store into the 90s, when Bill, Harry's middle child, joined the store.  Bill fresh out of college, brought new ideas to the store. He introduced the first computer to the store and turned Boggs into a Rental Center, all of that under the guidance of his Uncle Howard. In April 1995, Howard retired after 42 years at Boggs Supply and since then, Bill is running Boggs Supply.  In 2029 Boggs Supply will be celebrating its 100th anniversary.



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