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Outdoor Kitchens, Grills, & Fridges


Verona Outdoor Kitchen

Fire up that steak year-round with these hard-wearing units • Includes 32" 56,000 BTU or 40" 70,000 BTU stainless steel grill, sink, refrigerator, single and double doors, cast stone counter tops (polished granite with the 40" grill), concrete lintels and Verona wall • Available with a 32" grill or 40" grill


Primo Grills

Simply put, the Primo Grill and Smoker creates the perfect combination of versatility, functionality, and durability for the ultimate culinary experience. The ability to grill, bake, or smoke and cook directly or indirectly in various configurations will accommodate any culinary enthusiast’s pursuits.

Utilizing premium grade ceramics, the Primo offers superior heat and moisture retention that allows precise temperature control and fuel efficiency. Primo’s are easy to light and reach desired cooking temperatures quickly using natural lump charcoal – never any briquettes and lighter fluid!

Primo vs the Big Green Egg

Before AQUA became a Primo dealer, we were sold on the virtues of ceramic, Kamado style grills and smokers. Like many of you, we narrowed our choices to the Primo or the Big Green Egg. These are the reasons why we chose Primo and why we think you should too:

  • Made in the USA

  • 20 year ceramic warranty

  • Oval shape allows for superior versatility and convection

  • Incredible fuel efficiency

  • True Two Zone Cooking- something round cookers like the Big Green Egg can’t do

  • The Primo just looks better! (our opinion)

Don’t just take our word for it – check out Primo Grill reviews here


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